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The question that everyone has when asking about various medical transportation options is the price of these services and if their insurance company covers it. If you have ever had an accident and were forced to ride in an ambulance or a fire truck, you likely know just how expensive one of these trips can be. There is no way of getting around the fact that you are going to have to fork over a ton of money if you are caught in one of these situations, but the reality is that it is a business and in the end you are going to have to pay for such services.

The good thing is that medical transport companies are not nearly as expensive as it would cost to travel in an ambulance. A medical team that specializes in transportation usually requires much less people than an ambulance would and costs are dramatically cut down when a service is signed up for in advance. There is no question, however, that the overall costs are going to be a huge concern for the majority of people, so it is advised that you call around various companies and check with their prices if you are interested in these types of services. You may not have this option if you are in an accident and need medical transportation unexpectedly, but every emergency room and health care center will have information and be able to get you set up with transportation regardless.

Although costs can be fairly high, this doesn’t have to be a concern of yours if your insurance company covers these types of services and the great thing is that most companies do provide this type of coverage. Like any situation when dealing with a health insurance company, it is going to come down to an individual basis and your company will likely assess your situation and make a decision. If you cannot get to the hospital or a doctor’s appointment, it is generally accepted that your insurance company will provide you with the assistance to get there, but you are most likely going to incur some costs. Insurance companies want to provide help to these individuals, but they don’t want to pay for medical transportation unless a person has no other viable options and it is completely necessary for them to make an appointment or surgery. If you are elderly or disabled, there is a much higher propensity that you will be fully covered, although again, it really comes down to an individual basis and you are going to have to check with your insurance company, as well as the various medical transportation companies in your area for this information.


Often time’s different health insurance companies provide their own medical transportation for people who are insured by them and this is a position you may very likely find yourself in. This is actually a great way to go, due to the fact that you only have to deal with one company and you and your insurance company will be on the same page.